Candy Tower – A new Tower Defense game

Updated: January 16, 2024

The guys from ByteBard Games has released a new game, Candy Tower. This is a a distinctive tower defense experience with innovative mechanics. Assume the role of the guardian of a whimsical tower crafted from candy, facing relentless waves of malevolent vegetables intent on toppling your sugary stronghold.

Candy Tower

Candy Tower distinguishes itself through its continuous challenge. As each wave approaches, the vegetable adversaries grow more formidable, demanding quick thinking and strategic prowess to prevail. Players can navigate through a variety of upgrades, each offering unique ways to fortify your tower against the impending vegetable siege.

But there is something interesting about this game, Candy Tower incorporates roguelite elements, ensuring each playthrough is a unique adventure. At the start of every run, you’ll make choices for beneficial buffs, and with each tower level-up, a free upgrade can be selected. This dynamic approach keeps the game engaging, requiring fresh strategies and approaches in each session.

Candy Tower is available on Google Play Store. The game comes with some codes to try in the OPTIONS screen: CHOCOBLITZ LOLLIPOPLOOT JELLYBEANJAM FUDGEFRENZY.

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