BLACK LAGOON Heaven’s Shot – Opens Pre-Registration

Updated: September 26, 2023

BLACK LAGOON Heaven’s Shot, a browser-based game, is set to mark the franchise’s gaming debut on G123. Finally, after nearly two decades since the manga’s debut in 2002 and the anime’s conclusion in 2006, fans of Black Lagoon have a reason to rejoice.

Details about “Black Lagoon: Heaven’s Shot” are somewhat scarce at the moment. While promotional materials have teased the inclusion of beloved characters like Eda, Balalaika, Mr. Chang, and a character silhouette resembling Roberta, the game is described as a “hard-boiled RPG” that places its focus on the world of villains. In this intriguing narrative, players will encounter Revy and Rock in the notorious Roanapur, where an entirely original storyline awaits. Additionally, the game is set to offer an auto-battle mode and idle game elements, ensuring that players won’t need to invest an extensive amount of time into gameplay.

For those unfamiliar with Black Lagoon, it’s an action-packed manga and anime series created by Rei Hiroe. The manga initially serialized in Monthly Sunday Gene-X in 2002, with Madhouse adapting it into an anime in 2006. Notably, there was also a 5-episode OVA based on the Roberta’s Blood Trail arc. The story follows Rokuro “Rock” Okajima, an ordinary Japanese office worker whose life takes a dramatic turn when he joins the Lagoon Company in Southeast Asia after being betrayed by his boss. The Lagoon Company, a band of pirate mercenaries, operates as a delivery service for a variety of criminal clients.

Black Lagoon: Heaven’s Shot pre-registering through the official Twitter or the G123 platform.

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