Arcadium – Space Odyssey – Open Beta Available

Updated: January 3, 2024

Arcadium – Space Odyssey is a new action space ship game from developer Luciano Bercini, who already had a successful game like Arcadium – Space Shooter. In this new adventure, we will have a space ship that must navigate through deep space and its dangers.

Arcadium - Space Odyssey - Open Beta Available

The game, reminiscent of old arcade games, has as its main feature its procedurally generated universe. This means that the different scenarios will be generated in a unique way, so we will not have repeated challenges. This gives the game a fairly long longevity, even though it is arcade.

In Arcadium – Space Odyssey our ship must survive the waves of enemies for 15 minutes, which is a bit complicated due to the number of elements on screens and random enemies that we must face. We have to react fast and be very patient. So, keep on eye on that. You can try the game from the Google Play Store, it contains ads that can be removed for a fee. It will be available on PC Steam too. Likewise, it has a Discord for any questions.

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