ACEFORCE 2 In Development by Tencent Games

Updated: January 12, 2024

Tencent Games is gearing up for a global release of the ACE FORCE sequel, aptly named ACEFORCE 2, as evidenced by the submission of trademark applications along with an official logo in both Europe and Canada.

ACEFORCE 2 In Development by Tencent Games

ACE FORCE, developed by Tencent, is a mobile first-person shooter featuring an anime-style aesthetic reminiscent of Overwatch. While the original game showcased unique anime character designs and Mandarin as the primary language, it was not launched globally, leaving international players curious about the experience.

With the filing of trademarks in Europe and Canada for ACEFORCE 2, there is strong anticipation for a global launch. The simple yet distinctive ACEFORCE 2 logo has piqued interest, generating speculation about the game’s overall design and direction. Although specific details regarding gameplay and release timelines are currently unavailable, enthusiasts are already drawing comparisons to the original ACE FORCE and eagerly imagining the possibilities for the sequel.

Tencent has reportedly secured the “western” domain for ACEFORCE 2 by registering However, at present, clicking on the link reveals that the site is inactive. It’s worth noting that the Chinese domain for the original ACE FORCE,, is region-based in its presentation.

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