Mythic Chronicles

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May 22, 2024
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Mythic Chronicles is finally available. Embark on a god-playing adventure that blurs the lines between Greek and Norse mythology. Have you ever wondered who would emerge victorious in a battle between the God of Thunder from Greek mythology and the Norse counterpart? Now, you’ll have the chance to find out as you dive into a world where gods clash and legends collide.

In this epic game, you’ll experience the thrill of hunting down every mythic role you’ve ever known. Trade with Hermes, engage in battle with Ares, or even recruit Loki as your teammate—the possibilities are endless.

Choose from three formidable gods to step into the majestic world of ancient deities. Feel the mightiness of these legendary figures as you navigate through a world filled with adventure and danger. Customize your god with various outfits suited for different occasions, and hunt down mythical roles that will challenge your skills and determination. With a flexible skill setup, you can adapt your abilities to different battle conditions, ensuring that every decision you make will impact the outcome of your divine quest.


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