Mystic Abyss: Lost Seas (遺落海域)

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Mystic Abyss: Lost Seas (遺落海域, Project Atlas, Lost Abyss, Lost Seas), is an RPG game from NetEase Games. Mystic Abyss has made its official debut in select regions, with the game now available on Android and iOS devices. The title may go by different names in various regions.

Set in an underwater realm, Mystic Abyss immerses players in a post-apocalyptic oceanic environment filled with challenges. The game’s plot revolves around the sea eye calamity that struck the Earth in the 220th year of the Yuan calendar, resulting in the submersion of land and the downfall of past civilizations. Players must rely on their instincts to navigate this submerged world and overcome obstacles.

The visuals of Mystic Abyss are visually stunning, featuring sunken metropolises and captivating ruins of ancient civilizations. From sailing on the ocean’s surface to diving deep underwater, players can explore every corner of this post-apocalyptic ocean, all while evading predators and gathering essential survival materials. The game offers a wide range of resources to collect, allowing players to build a new life from scratch in the watery depths.

In addition to mutant creatures, the ocean environment is home to friendly sea creatures and fascinating aquatic pets. Players can travel alongside whales, assist dolphins in rescuing friends, and interact with unique and captivating marine companions. It is worth noting, however, that currently there is no support for the English language, which may be disappointing for those eager to try out the game.

Players in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao can download Mystic Abyss: Lost Seas from the Google Play Store and App Store on their Android and iOS devices, respectively. The global release date is yet to be announced, so it is advised to stay updated through official channels for further information.

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