Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer

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Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer is a MORPG for Android and iOS. This is the latest installment in the Moonlight Sculptor series, brought to you by XLGAMES CORP. Notably, the prequel to this game, Moonlight Sculptor, faced an announcement of imminent shutdown by its developers. However, Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer marks the triumphant return of the series, with pre-registration already open for Android and iOS platforms.

While Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer steps into the series as a fresh entry, it remains dedicated to delivering new adventures in the cherished style and universe of the classic Moonlight Sculptor. The developers have introduced a distinctive twist by weaving the main storyline with inspiration from the original novel. This thoughtful approach promises to immerse fans in even more captivating and inspiring content.

The central narrative revolves around a period of chaos, triggered by the mysterious disappearance of the renowned adventurer, Weed. In response, players are called upon to summon their courage, assemble a formidable fellowship of warriors, and once again vie for supremacy in the Versailles. The game offers a diverse array of characters, each equipped with unique abilities and skillsets, allowing for strategic combinations and enriching character customization.

Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer delivers epic clashes between diverse realms, granting players the ability to customize their characters not only in appearance but also in terms of powers and capabilities. Through the fusion of various skills and abilities, players can create entirely unique characters. They can challenge formidable adversaries with characters fashioned through a blend of personally crafted statues and rare monster cards.

Pre-registration is accessible via the official website. Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer will be readily downloadable from both the Google Play Store and the App Store upon release, offering a thrilling return to the Moonlight Sculptor universe.

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