Moonlight Blade

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Moonlight Blade Mobile is a MMORPG mobile game, unfolding within the Gulong universe and crafted by the same team responsible for the PC version. Casting our minds back to 2015, Tencent Games unveiled Moonlight Blade Online, an MMORPG for PC platforms renowned for its captivating visuals and steeped in a world enriched with Chinese martial arts aesthetics. The game is poised for a global release in English under the banner of INFIPLAY.

The narrative revolves around Gong Ziyu and the ominous “black hands” scheming to subvert the world. Players assume the roles of Yihua, Tianxiang, Taibai, Tangmen, Beggars, or Shenwei, striving to eliminate these dark forces and safeguard global peace.

Set against expansive landscapes, Moonlight Blade Mobile invites gamers to partake in the restoration of the country’s prosperity during the Northern Song Dynasty. Boasting cinematic art and graphics, the game seamlessly integrates classic elements from the PC version, innovative gameplay, and an unparalleled character customization system.

A robust social system enhances player interactions, allowing apprenticeships, group missions, and participation in alliances and leagues, facilitating battles between diverse camps.

Presently, Moonlight Blade is open for pre-registration on Android and iOS through the Google Play Store and App Store respectively. Substantial bonuses await registrants upon the game’s launch. Although the official launch date remains undisclosed, the iOS Store listing hints at a potential release on December 18, 2023, suggesting an imminent debut within the next month.

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