Monkeyland Battleground

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Monkeyland Battleground is a new action mobile game from Nagihgames. In this exciting 3v3 co-op adventure, players are invited to embark on competitive challenges alongside their friends, navigating a series of levels and diverse obstacles carefully crafted by the game.

Each map presents a compelling objective: swiftly repairing robots before the opposing team can do so. Spread across the maps, players will encounter various parts and items required for robot restoration. A race against time ensues as they scavenge for these components, ensuring successful repairs before their rivals.

However, the game is anything but straightforward. Throughout the maps, players encounter a plethora of power-ups and traps, offering strategic opportunities to either boost their progress or impede the advancement of their opponents.

The cooperative nature of this 3v3 gameplay allows players to form alliances, coordinating with their teammates to devise effective and efficient strategies on the battlefield. The maps are replete with hidden parts, creating a thrilling scavenger hunt where the first team to uncover them all emerges victorious.

Beyond the action-packed gameplay, the game places significant emphasis on character customization. Players can personalize their monkeys with various clothing and equipment options, resulting in unique and distinctive avatars. This feature not only fuels individual expression but also adds a layer of engaging content for fans, who can showcase their own styles while competing in thrilling competitions.

Interested players on Android can get their hands on the game via Google Play Store. No news is revealed about the iOS date yet.

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