Millistar Raiders

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Download Millistar Raiders, an idle RPG created for casual gamers developed by Super Planet. This is a game for people who just want to sit back and enjoy nice graphics in a casual atmosphere. The game offers a unique perspective as the towns finally become heroes.

In Millistar Raiders, we will take on the role of a captain, who must gather 13 villagers and help them grow into the heroes they are meant to be. Once a party is created, the battle starts automatically. To progress further, players will have to occupy more areas and expand their territory. The gameplay can be broadly divided into three missions.

The first one is to get 13 unique villages that include roles like a farmer, a baker, a drunkard, and more similar characters. From these, a group of five must be formed depending on the battle situation and sent to Devildom. There, they will participate in battles and earn rewards, more of which can be earned even offline.

The second one is to increase the stats. Both captain and hero attributes can be increased through upgrade, growth, and awakening. Players can raid multiple dungeons and clear them to supplement their development. In addition to this, players can get their hands on over 70 different types of captain gear, which can be used to strengthen villagers to make raiding easier.

The third and final mission involves finding loot and collecting lost items. As players defeat monsters in auto battles, the monsters will randomly drop treasure. Each monster will drop new items that can be looted as players progress, so it’s important to keep moving forward. Gathering these riches will help heroes grow at a faster rate.

Milistar Raiders is available for Android and iOS devices for free. Like many RPGs it has some gacha mechanics.

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