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METRIA has officially initiated its pre-registration phase, open to both Android and iOS users. This captivating game is presented by the esteemed Japanese developer Asobimo, known for their previous titles such as N-Innocence and Against War.

In the immersive storyline of Metria, the narrative revolves around the protagonist, Rio, who awakens in a mysterious and unfamiliar land following an incident at his castle. As players embark on their quest to rescue the royal capital, they will encounter a diverse array of individuals, bid farewell to others, and gradually unveil the concealed secrets hidden within the enigmatic world spanning nine distinct lands.

One of the standout features of the game lies in its utilization of extensive 3D graphics for captivating cutscenes, which the developer proudly touts as a notable strength. In terms of gameplay, METRIA boasts an interconnected world with all maps seamlessly linked by land, facilitating smooth exploration. Upon initial impressions, the game may evoke similarities to the popular title Genshin Impact, sharing a closer resemblance than one might expect.

METRIA offers an accessible control scheme, allowing players to execute a wide range of stylish attacks. Beyond standard attacks, players can unleash special skill moves to diversify combat strategies. Moreover, players have the flexibility to assemble a team of three characters, enabling the creation of versatile battle formations that can be easily switched as needed.

For those eager to embark on this epic adventure, METRIA is currently open for pre-registration on both Google Play and the Apple Store, catering to Android and iOS enthusiasts alike. Additionally, a pre-registration campaign is in full swing, promising players a host of rewards upon the game’s official launch.

METRIA Global is out on Android and iOS.

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