Metal Slug Awakening

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Metal Slug Awakening (METAL SLUG CODE: J – name could change) is the new Metal Slug game for mobile, produced by SNK and Tencent and with TiMi Studios as developer. The upcoming arcade shooter is tentatively named Metal Slug Code: J (placeholder). The game actually looks like a good successor in the Metal Slug series.

It would appear that TiMi Studios has decided to go with 3D graphics instead of the familiar pixel-based designs the Metal Slug series is known for, but all in all, the 3D graphics still provide a similar vibe. There’s no denying Code: J looks like a proper Metal Slug game.

Touchscreen controls are prominently displayed on the left and right of the screen, which ensures that Code: J is indeed a side-scrolling shooter, just like the original arcade titles. The gameplay for Metal Slug Code: J seems to channel the classic experience of the original series, but with a few fun little additions, like the ability to freeze enemies, and some cool looking 3D sections. It also shows off some pretty fancy mechanised bosses – such as that giant armoured tank-crab.

METAL SLUG CODE: J, rumored as Metal Slug Awakening doesn’t have a release date yet. There is a Alpha stage which you can try in the Philippine market. You can get more updates on their Discord or Facebook Fan Page.

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