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Capcom revealed an offline version of Mega Man X Dive appropriately titled Mega Man X DiVE Offline set for release this year on iOS, Android, and PC. The game includes several characters from the original game like Zero, Proto Man, Bass, Sigma, and Mega Man.Exe and over 900 stages, fan-favorite bosses, and more.

Mega Man X DiVE was initially launched in the West in August 2021, and news has emerged that the Japanese version of the game will soon be discontinued. While specific details regarding this discontinuation and its implications remain undisclosed, pricing information has yet to be revealed. Capcom has officially confirmed on their website that data from Mega Man X DiVE cannot be transferred to Mega Man X DiVE Offline, which is a separate version of the game. For more information, interested individuals can visit the official website.

“An unknown bug has caused the game data for Mega Man X to become corrupted. It’s up to you, the player, to follow the guidance of RiCO, a Navigator who’s appeared out of nowhere. You’re going to “DiVE” into the world of Deep Log and figure out what’s going on! Take control of Hunter Programs based on X, Zero, and other Hunters, to defeat Maverick data and repair the game”.

Mega Man X DiVE Offline will include many weapons and armors. Players can rank up to unlock more skills and powerup options. Equip armor to boost your defense, HP, and other stats. As you increase your player level, the armor you can equip changes, allowing you to equip even stronger armor. It also has a Story Mode, Challenge Mode, Time Attack, , and more.

Mega Man X DiVE Offline is now available. With a really high price, 29.99$.

Mega Man X DiVE will release on September 1, 2023 for both Android and iOS as well as for PC via Steam as a premium title. Mega Man […]

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