Mega Man X DiVE Offline to Release on September

Mega Man X DiVE will release on September 1, 2023 for both Android and iOS as well as for PC via Steam as a premium title.

Mega Man X DiVE initially debuted in August 2021, and recent reports in June 2023 have unveiled its impending closure for the Capcom Taiwan version, slated for September 27th, 2023. Nevertheless, gamers can find solace as the mobile edition, facilitated by NebulaJoy, remains steadfast in its service across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Korea.

Mega Man X DiVE Offline is poised to rekindle the cherished gameplay of classic Mega Man titles. The game elegantly rekindles the pixel-art aesthetics reminiscent of its precursors; however, it has been confirmed that collaborative features and multiplayer functionalities will be absent. Amidst this revival, players will encounter an impressive roster of iconic Mega Man characters, including Zero, Proto Man, Bass, Sigma, Mega Man.Exe, among others. Over 900 stages, cherished boss encounters, and a host of fan-favorite elements further enrich the experience.

Within this digital realm, players will embark on a journey of character development and gear enhancement, thereby forging formidable hunters. Crafting personalized avatars becomes an engaging endeavor as weapons and characters can be meticulously cultivated. Additionally, the roster welcomes new, original characters, enriching an already diverse lineup. Memory fragments can be accrued by conquering stages and exchanged for Element Metals, which, in turn, unlock characters by analyzing the retrieved memories. The mantle of ultimate hunter and the salvation of the Deep Log rests squarely in your hands.

Mega Man X DiVE Offline is set to release this September 1st on Android, iOS, and PC via Steam priced at $29.99. Although the pricing is confirmed for Steam version, the mobile pricing is not yet confirmed.

Source: Mega Man X Dive Official Website

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