MapleStory R: Evolution

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MapleStory R: Evolution, developed by Rastar Games Studio, has announced the commencement of pre-registration for its Android and iOS versions. Additionally, the open beta is officially scheduled for the 27th of this month. The game aims to offer players an exciting MapleStory experience, fully authorized and enriched with innovative elements and fresh features.

For those familiar with Nexon’s MapleStory game franchises, the premise remains the same – exploring the Maple World, battling monsters, improving character abilities, and participating in social interactions like chatting, trading, forming parties, and creating guilds.

MapleStory R: Evolution adopts a vertical setting (which I don’t like so much) and provides thrilling battles and character selection through a multi-tier class system, allowing players to unlock new skills during their journey. The customization options are diverse, featuring a wide selection of costumes, from dolls and detectives to armored adventurers. The evolution system enables players to nurture up to 7 pets, discovering various forms as they progress through upgrades.

The pre-registration bonuses are quite enticing, including a $100 Zakum Outfit, 200 Red Diamonds, and the SSR Jr. Cellion pet. Additionally, upon reaching 1 Million pre-registrations, players will unlock even more rewards, such as 1000 Red Diamonds, Flame Dancing Fury-Wing, and 20 Bellamoa fragments, providing a generous amount of freebies to kickstart the adventure.

Players interested in joining the MapleStory R: Evolution can pre-register for the game on Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS, respectively. The open beta tests are set to commence on July 27th, following which the game will be officially launched.

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