Lushida: Origin (卢希达:起源)

Lushida: Origin (卢希达:起源)


Lushida: Origin (卢希达:起源) is a fantasy adventure strategy RPG mobile game for Android and iOS. The chinese studio behind is Electronic Soul.

Player start as the “originator”, and then is summoned to a primitive continent by the strange girl Jiu Si, and travels through the tribal secrets full of alien civilizations; together with the beast mothers and partners of the six major tribes, they embark on a journey of alien civilizations in this mysterious continent big Adventure.

Unique tribal background + large-scale plot, immersive experience of the wild and novel primitive world; fast-paced strategic battle, simple operation and in-depth tactical mining, and tribal partners to solve various difficult events; six major tribes, dozens of each Stylish tribal partners add infinite vitality to this continent.

Lushida: Origin is a fast-paced RPG played on a 3×3 board. Players will have to plan the positioning of your characters ranged from 7 different classes. With over 100 different characters to collect, Players will have to carefully plan the synergy of your team to overcome your enemies.

For now, Lushida Origin is only available on Malaysia and Singapore. There are no news about a global release yet and it is available on Simplified Chinese. You may need a VPN in order to play.

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