LUNA The Shadow Dust

LUNA The Shadow Dust is a fully hand-animated Point&Click puzzle adventure, brought to life through wordless storytelling, beautiful cinematics and a breathtaking original soundtrack.
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Jun 12, 2024
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LUNA The Shadow Dust, a captivating Point&Click puzzle adventure, has officially launched on mobile platforms. This indie gem, celebrated for its hand-animated visuals, wordless storytelling, and mesmerizing original soundtrack, offers a unique and enchanting gaming experience.

Inspired by classic adventure games, LUNA The Shadow Dust tells a touching story of two companions drawn together in a mystical journey. Players will explore an enchanted world hidden behind the shadows of reality, solving intricate puzzles and uncovering memories of old. The game features a young boy and his companion navigating through a beautifully animated, ancient tower at the edge of the world.

– Traditional frame-by-frame character animation, delivering fluid and captivating visuals.
– Single-player gameplay with dual character control, enhancing the puzzle-solving experience.
– A variety of puzzles designed to challenge and spark players’ imaginations.
– A moving story conveyed through stunning hand-animated cinematics.
– An original musical soundtrack that elevates the game’s dreamlike atmosphere.

LUNA The Shadow Dust has garnered praise for its artistry and gameplay. A Most Agreeable Pastime describes the game as “wonderfully dream-like,” with Ghibli-inspired artwork and clever puzzles complemented by an orchestral score. Rock, Paper, Shotgun highlights the game’s focus on light and shadows, calling it a “stunning” adventure. and emphasize the game’s engrossing combination of intellectual challenge and stellar artwork, while lauds the “remarkably gliding and flowing” hand-drawn animations.

Players can now immerse themselves in this visually striking and emotionally resonant puzzle adventure on their mobile devices. With its blend of beautiful art, engaging puzzles, and haunting music, LUNA The Shadow Dust is set to captivate a new audience of mobile gamers.



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