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Lost in Dreamland is a anime-style cartoony horror game. If you’re into any of these genres, this one is a must-try. Before you dive in, here’s some exciting gameplay information:

“Lost in Dreamland” is an adrenaline-pumping 2v5 asymmetrical competitive game, immersing players in the roles of Dreamlanders who find themselves trapped within a patient’s twisted fantasy world. They face a crucial choice: either take on the role of a relentless hunter pursuing the runaways or make a daring escape as one of the runaways themselves.

Teamwork and strategy are at the core of this gripping experience, as both sides must employ group tactics to secure victory. As a runaway, your objective is to repair the enigmatic Loony Clock and unlock the Heart Portal, paving the way to freedom. Meanwhile, the hunters are determined to capture the runaways and construct a heart-stopping maze to ensnare their prey.

The game’s warped and distorted world is rife with mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Players will collect clues and uncover hidden truths as they navigate this psychotic nightmare. Each character within Dreamland possesses unique skills, requiring players to form diverse teams capable of handling the myriad challenges: from stealthy hiding and strategic healing to intense fighting and heart-pounding pursuits.

Embark on this chilling adventure, and test your wits and nerves in “Lost in Dreamland.” Experience the thrill of this anime-inspired horror game, where every decision matters and every moment keeps you on the edge of your seat. Will you survive the haunting trials that await you in the dreamy abyss?

For now the game is only available through the Google Play Store on Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia on Beta Stage. Players from other countries must download the APK.

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