Little Big Robots

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Little Big Robots is a mobile shooter created by Pixonic Studio and published by MY.GAMES. Little Big Robots takes a well-established genre of multiplayer shooters and offers a fresh perspective by casting familiar robots in an unexpected and intriguing light.

This new game boasts its own distinctive style and atmosphere. While the original War Robots and War Robots: Frontiers present a more traditional and serious science fiction backdrop, Little Big Robots adopts a more relaxed and vibrant ambiance. It caters to a diverse audience, making it suitable for enjoyment with friends, family, and players from around the globe.

The mechs within the game transcend their role as mere combat machines. A wide range of mech types is available, including bipeds, quadrupeds, and even aerial models. While some mechs may evoke memories from the original War Robots, others introduce entirely novel designs.

Strategic mech building, a cornerstone of the War Robots franchise, is seamlessly integrated into Little Big Robots. Each mech possesses distinctive abilities and can be outfitted with various weaponry: shotguns, machine guns, grenades, rockets, and more. This diversity facilitates the creation of countless unique configurations. Furthermore, players are not limited to just one build – they can select up to five distinct robots for each battle.

The game also provides an array of modes catering to all skill levels, whether you prefer solo or duo play, enjoy intense 4v4 clashes, or are ready to test your mettle in the new Battle Royale mode, a fresh addition to the War Robots franchise.

The game is available in all regions in the App Store and Google Play.

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