Legend of Keepers

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Legend of Keepers is a premium RPG game. The game is a mix between roguelite and dungeon management, where you play as a dungeon manager hiring monsters and building traps to defeat the heroes coming for your gold.

Legend of Keepers turns the tables by allowing players to embrace their inner villain, climbing the corporate ladder and making life miserable for the heroes. The game offers a unique twist on dungeon raiding, putting players on the other side of the equation.

At the start of the game, players select one of three dungeon masters, each with their own special abilities and recruits. The objective is clear: find creative ways to make the heroes suffer, all presented with stunning animations that add to the experience. The launch trailer provides a glimpse into the thrilling gameplay that awaits.

However, it’s not a walk in the park. Managing resources and ensuring employee satisfaction can be challenging. While running the dungeon, players must carefully handle morale, gold, blood, and tears, all while keeping their workers content. A minor issue could result in a strike, disrupting operations. Budgeting, recruiting mobs, and strategically placing traps are crucial steps to construct an impregnable stronghold.

Legend of Keepers offers a fresh perspective by letting players step into the shoes of the villains. Balancing resource management, employee happiness, and dungeon defenses adds depth to the gameplay, creating an engaging experience for those seeking a different kind of dungeon-crawling adventure.

Legend of Keepers is a premium RPG game. It costs $6.99 without micro-transactions (but with upcoming big content DLCs).

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