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Download Laya’s Horizon for Android. This game is only available to Netflix members. Laya’s Horizon it is an open-world adventure that lets you master the art of flying by exploring a vast, peaceful world. Using the enchanted capes of the Windfolk, you can unlock new abilities and take on challenges, including flying through obstacle courses and completing more than 50 missions.

With intuitive controls that allow you to steer, boost, rise, and dive, you can cut through the air in high-speed races or simply enjoy the beauty of the island without a goal. As you progress, you can upgrade your skills and unlock different equipment combinations to increase boost speeds, conserve energy, and improve maneuverability.

With each patch of terrain offering a unique flying experience, from winding rivers to towering rock formations, you can weave through narrow caves filled with ancient ruins, skim over massive waves, dodge raging geysers, and so much more. The game also features exclusive music and calming design, including an orchestral score that provides the perfect ambience to your flight and environment.

Laya’s Horizon is a stunning effort from Snowman, blending the charm and mesmerizing atmosphere of Alto’s Adventure with an expansive open world and spectacular 3D visuals. While it’s a little tricky to master the controls, the result is a spellbound adventure that feels like the natural next step for the developer on mobile. You’ll need a Netflix account to play, but beyond that, there’s no cost.

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