Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link

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Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is the next Kingdom Hearts game for the mobile world. Square Enix announced this game, sadly, with no release date yet. The game would be an action RPG like the other Kingdom Hearts games in consoles.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link allows players to embark on adventures from the realm of Scala ad Caelum into the real world. Players will be able to engage in exhilarating battles against the Heartless and discover a new, original story.

“Sora is an original Disney video game hero like no other, beloved by our team, and fans across the world. We’ve been honored to work with Tetsuya Nomura and his team for two decades to introduce these original stories of discovery, courage, and friendship,” said Nana Gadd, Director, Walt Disney Games. “This glimpse into Sora’s next adventure is just the beginning – we can’t wait to show more when the time is right.”

KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link launches in 2024 for iOS and Android as a GPS action RPG. Closed beta sign-ups for select regions are also live now. If you’d like to try the closed beta for KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link, you can sign up for a chance to enter the closed beta test here.

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