Kemono Friends: Kingdom

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Kemono Friends: Kingdom is an exciting casual RPG created by Neocraft Limited. This delightful game invites fans and players alike to embark on a captivating adventure filled with furry animal companions and hidden wonders. Immerse yourself in a fantasy realm brimming with untold secrets as you join forces with these adorable friends to defeat a formidable foe.

Unlock a diverse array of furry characters who form your team, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way. With over 100 unique characters currently available, each possesses distinct skills and talents to enhance your gameplay experience.

What sets Kemono Friends: Kingdom apart is its unconventional approach to character selection. Rather than a conventional character roster, the game presents you with a list of friends. These friends aren’t all alike, as they exude different radiance and possess unique natures. Moreover, each friend carries specific responsibilities, making them an indispensable part of your journey.

In Kemono Friends: Kingdom, friends have their respective positions. By considering these positions, you can create a team that works on you for the best fight. We have the “Assault”, friends who hold this position in the Kemono Friends: Kingdom gameplay are the damage dealers in this game. They are releasing the Miracles, and through that, they can impact the most damage against the bosses.

Guard position makes the greatest defensive friends, and they can generate shields to prevent the rages of those Cerulean bosses. Control position friends are not allowed to be replaced and have the most important role to be played in the battles. Control friends can protect us and they can minimize our damage. We also have healers, they don’t attack but still will recover the health of friends.

Finally, friends in support position don’t excel better in terms of damage, but they are the ones that can enhance our skills in the battles.

Kemono Friends: Kingdom is already having a pre-registration process ahead of the official launch on July 13, 2023.The game is available for the pre-registration process and will be made available for fans and players on both Android and iOS.

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