KartRider Rush

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Download KartRider Rush, excellent free Kart game for your Android or iPhone. Experience all the adrenaline of running on many race tracks and win all the trophies.

  • ‎KartRider Rush+ Screenshot
  • ‎KartRider Rush+ Screenshot
  • ‎KartRider Rush+ Screenshot
  • ‎KartRider Rush+ Screenshot
  • ‎KartRider Rush+ Screenshot

KartRider is a popular Kart game for Android phones. It has the classic mode of car racing competition games and its different variants. Good competition for games like Nintendo’s Mario Kart.

The game features a series of varied characters, each with their own visual style. Each car differs from another not only in aesthetics, but also in its characteristics when competing. This adds depth to the game and makes each experience different from the last.

The game has many modes. We have the Speed ​​Race mode where we will unlock new tracks. This mode is based on the ability to drift, score points and reach the goal as soon as possible. Also the classic arcade mode, where we can compete in fast races against other opponents managed by the game’s AI. A story mode to get to know the characters more. “Time Trial” to seek to break records. And the “Ranked” mode, this is where we can compete against players from all over the world with the aim of moving up the general classification.

Download KartRider Rush and race

It is the “Ranked” mode that will give us more hours of play and the most difficult. Racing against other people is always a different experience from competing against the game’s AI. Each victory will help us climb positions. As we position ourselves in the best positions the competition will become more difficult and intense. But at the same time, we will improve our own way of playing. We will become a better driver and have a lot of fun.

KartRider Rush is a good game, interesting in its mechanics and with good graphics. It is free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Developer Notes

The kart racing sensation enjoyed by over 300M players worldwide is back and better than ever with more style, more game modes, more thrill! Race with friends or just play it solo through a variety of gameplay modes. Collect and upgrade iconic characters and karts from the KartRider universe. Climb the leaderboard ranks and become the ultimate racing legend!
Price: Free+
Price: Free+
Updates from developer:

With Season 3 underway, we want to know what motivates and pushes you to go faster and drift harder & better? Is it the rewards, the competition, the new karts & characters? Right answers only! #KartRiderRushPlus #KartRider #Drifting #Racing #MotivationMonday #FreeToPlay #Nexon

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