Kanahei’s Small Animals – Piske & Usagi Short Trip Adventure

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Kanahei’s Small Animals – Piske & Usagi Short Trip Adventure (カナヘイの小動物 ピスケ&うさぎの小旅行) is a new game from KLab. This upcoming game is set to make a grand entrance this summer, offering both English and Traditional Chinese in-game options and extending its service to over 143 countries and regions around the world.

The charm of the “Kanahei’s Small Animals” series, which serves as the theme for this captivating title, has transcended Japan’s borders. Through collaborations with various brands and the hosting of events, the series has garnered a substantial following from fans abroad, with a particularly strong resonance in Taiwan.

In response to the fervent enthusiasm of the Piske & Usagi’s Short Trip Adventure community, the game developers have answered the call by expanding language options and adding new regions to the game’s service.

Entitled “Kanahei’s Small Animals, Piske & Usagi’s Short Trip Adventure,” this delightful new game revolves around the lovable characters “Piske & Usagi” created by Kanahei, who have garnered widespread popularity on social media and LINE (a messaging app famous for its emoji-like stickers exchanged between users).

The game itself is refreshingly straightforward: embark on a journey with Piske and Usagi and await their return. This carefree and user-friendly idle game offers an enjoyable experience for everyone, including those who are not regular gamers.

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