Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur: Ring

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Perfect World previewed Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur: Ring (乖离性百万亚瑟王: 环), the sequel to 2014’s Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur cooperative card game that was once available on mobile devices before its servers shut down in 2020.

For a mobile game Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur: Ring is rather visually impressive. Each of the characters has received redesigns while still maintaining much of their iconic looks, from the Warrior, Thief, Knight, and Diva Arthurs.

In terms of the presentation in-game Perfect World seemingly went all-out, as now characters will perform unique animations depending on the card that was used, especially if the card depicts the specific Arthur using. Even if it doesn’t some MR cards will play a unique 3D animation featuring the special character, complete with voiced lines.

Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur was new for its time in the turn-based genre for introducing TCG elements to the game, and that remains mostly the same in this entry. Like with the original. Players build a deck of 10 cards, each with a unique effect and a bonus effect if used on the character that matches the associated class on the card. Players will have to team up or work with the decks built on their multiple characters to face off against powerful foes, and each player must take on a unique role out of the four playable Arthurs.

As it stands though, if there’s one thing Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur: Ring excels at, it’s reviving the classic TCG RPG into a modern era with a fresh coat of paint, but only time and its release of cards will really tell if the game can escape the pitfalls of its predecessor and if it can last just as long as it, or even longer.

Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur: Ring is still on development.

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