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Junkworld is a new game coming to Apple Arcade. Get ready to dive into Junkworld. It’s now faster, funnier, and packed with post-apocalyptic action that’ll keep you hooked.

Lead your band of scavengers across a desolate, arid desert and through a radioactive swamp, engaging in adrenaline-fueled battles for survival. Employ your strategic expertise to overthrow the oppressive rule in this post-apocalyptic world.

For aficionados of tower defense games such as Bloons TD 6, Junkworld promises a thrilling experience. Brimming with audacious escapades, treacherous landscapes, and enigmatic comrades, Junkworld entrusts players with the command of the resourceful Scavenger clan. Erect towers, deploy specialized units and gadgets, and train formidable heroes to weather the chaos of tactical warfare in the aftermath of catastrophe.

With an array of dynamic heroes, a diverse selection of towers, a repertoire of inventive tactics, and 80 demanding stages, players will harness their strategic acumen to lead their faction to triumph.

Unlock the finest combinations, field them in battle, and wield your personalized arsenal to dismantle your adversaries. Strategically position your defenses at your discretion, and adeptly oversee them, capitalizing on the unique abilities of each tower to vanquish your foes.

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