JungoJam Overview

JungoJam is a sandbox game centered around player interaction, offering a comprehensive avenue for avatar customization encompassing facial expressions, hairstyles, and attire. Moreover, equipped with a robust friend system, players can embark on immersive survival escapades in collaboration with others. This entails crafting personalized bunkers or castles, handpicking furnishings and embellishments, and opting for an array of melee or ranged weaponry to combat fantastical creatures.

However, the game’s allure transcends mere construction, delving into a captivating, Sims-inspired role-play realm that enthralls players. The expansive role-play city hosts an array of interactive life scenarios, ranging from fishing and driving to even collaborative surgical procedures with companions.

What’s more, the in-game AI motion technology allows players to seamlessly integrate distinctive character movements by simply uploading videos, encompassing the latest dance trends and poses, thereby amplifying the creative potential within the game.

The game is now available on Google Play in select regions, including Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Players from other regions can also access the game through their official Discord.

Right now only the APK is available. The Alpha tests 2 begins from 2nd November till November 9th.

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