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Isle of Arrows is an upcoming Tower Defense game on iOS, Android, and PC. In this game you will have to defend your kingdom against enemy knights. We can achieve this by building new towers, taverns, and setting up flags to increase your territory. One important thing is that Isle of Arrows is being developed by one person.

In this smartphone project we place protective buildings on an ever—growing land. At the same time, random tiles, enemies, rewards and events are generated each turn. The more you go through the story campaign, the more elements are unlocked. The campaign itself is divided into three thematic biomes with their own rules and difficulties.

The gameplay in Isle of Arrows is split into rounds. After everything is set up, you watch at the auto warfare against your towers and enemy soldiers. There are 3 game modes in Isle of Arrows: Campaign, Gauntlet, and Daily Defense. The story is further split into 3 different campaigns. There are also 4 guilds with their own play style.

I really like the Tower Defense genre, Isle of Arrows seems to be a nice one, but we will have to wait a little bit to play it on mobile devices. Isle of Arrows requires a lot of thinking and just hoping that you get the right tower or path next with the RNG. Yes, the game has a lot of RNG. The RNG in this game is quite unforgiving.

But this game is oddly addicting. I find myself building the most strategic paths I can to fight off hordes of tiny invaders, Cursing under my breath until I get the correct path tile and crying in happiness when I get a bomb tower at a strategic junction.

Isle of Arrows is available on Steam. It was announced for october 6, but dev has notice that due to gameplay optimizations, balancing and fixing some bugs, it will come out for Android and iOS devices at the end of the month.

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