Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road delayed to 2024

The soccer RPG game Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road by LEVEL-5, initially slated for a 2023 release, has been postponed globally to 2024.

A lot of people have been waiting for a new Inazuma Eleven game, now they will have to wait a little more. There will be a Beta test on March 2024 for Nintendo Switch and it will support for English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese language options.

The worldwide beta test demo will include the following features:

  • Single-Player: Team Selection / Difficulty Selection
  • Online Player-versus-Player: Random Matches / Private Matches / Team Selection / Character Progression / Save Function (no transfer to the main game)
  • Story Mode: Chapter 1

Inazuma Eleven is a popular Japanese multimedia franchise that originated as a video game series developed by LEVEL-5. The franchise spans various media, including video games, anime, manga, and more. The central narrative revolves around a young and aspiring soccer player named Mark Evans (known as Mamoru Endou in Japan) and his soccer team.

Watch a new trailer and gameplay video below. Visit the official website here.

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