I Become a Demon King in Another World (SEA)

"I Become a Demon King in Another World" is a 3D magical side-scrolling fighting mobile game. The game scene of "I Become a Demon King in Another World" is grand, well-made, and has smooth movements. Players can experience cool skills and special effects in the Shenling Continent. , the silky-smooth combo feel brought by skill combination! Multiple career options, experience different paths to career change! Item exchange system, enjoy item exchange as you like! A fair competitive fighting arena, a non-attribute fighting duel event, who can ascend to the top of the competitive throne?
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Jun 17, 2024
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I Become a Demon King in Another World is an exhilarating 3D magical side-scrolling fighting game for mobile devices. Set in the grand and meticulously crafted Shenling Continent, the game offers players a visually stunning experience with smooth animations, cool skills, and impressive special effects. Engage in silky-smooth combos and experience a dynamic fighting system that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The game’s narrative is set in a time when chaos ruled and order was reversed. The founding king created a new world called “Sacred Tomb” to bring order. After years of development, this world reached prosperity until the alien abyss arrived and a mysterious girl named Leia appeared, changing everything.

Players can choose from five major professions, each with two job paths, offering a variety of gameplay styles:

  • Warrior: Master of explosive power.
  • Sword Master: Wielding unparalleled swordsmanship.
  • Wu Ji: Martial arts expert.
  • Nian Huang: Mind power controller.
  • Dragon Knight: Partnered with dragons.
  • Valkyrie: Knight’s swordsmanship inheritor.
  • Gunsmith: Firearms expert.
  • Wandering Gunner: Aloof sharpshooter.
  • Battle Mage: Fighter with a mage’s heart.
  • Elementalist: Controller of elemental powers.

The game features a robust item exchange system, allowing players to trade items freely. Engage in a fair competitive fighting arena with non-attribute duels, aiming to ascend to the top of the competitive throne. The classic set limited delivery system offers epic bonuses and unique items for top performers.

In I Become a Demon King in Another World, players can enjoy unique skill systems for free combo creation, participate in smooth competitive duels, and challenge abyss dungeons. Conquer ancient epic dungeons and collect powerful equipment with unique attributes. Travel to other worlds to fight for the Throne of Creation and challenge formidable bosses for epic rewards.

Join the adventure on Android and iOS and become the ultimate Demon King in this magical, action-packed world!



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