Honkai: Star Rail

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Honkai Star Rail is an action fantasy RPG from miHoYo. The game’s plot focuses on a series of space adventures aboard an alien shuttle. We start the story controlling a mysterious woman named Kafka, who wakes us up in the body of an avatar  and from that moment on we control it. With a good handful of mysteries to be solved, many different regions to explore and characters to meet, Honkai: Star Rail offers us a very promising intergalactic journey.

The new Honkai a cast of attractive and different characters. Those we have met in the beta have captivated us with their special designs, something that the Chinese company knows how to fit very well in order to invite us to throw a series of spins on the gachapon, which in this case is called “Salto”. In the absence of knowing exactly how the system will work in this title and what the prices will be, everything has reminded us quite a lot of Genshin Impact.

At least in the early stages of the game, the way the story is told seems even slightly better treated, with more distinctive shots and dialogue between them and a premise that leaves us with many unanswered questions. A good dose of action scenes also appears in the menu to remind us that we are facing a game that is carefully considered to the millimeter.

Beyond its history, one of the main changes in this new installment is its turn-based combat system. We have up to 4 characters in the team, each one with a different type of skills and elements, which we must combine effectively so that our attack turns are the most effective.

Honkai Star Rail is free to download and available for Android and iOS mobile.

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