High Energy Heroes

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High Energy Heroes, Tencent Games’ version of Apex Legends Mobile tailored for the Chinese market, has now officially launched on both Android and iOS platforms in China. This release follows the earlier shutdown of the original Electronic Arts mobile version of the game earlier this year.

The announcement for Apex Legends Mobile in the Chinese market, renamed as High Energy Heroes, was made on June 6, 2023. The goal was to deliver a similar Apex Legends experience to Chinese players, and initial speculations pointed towards an October 31, 2023 release date, as indicated in the iOS store listing. However, the game’s launch in China occurred much earlier than expected.

High Energy Heroes is a tactical and competitive battle royale shooter where players assume the roles of heroes with distinct personalities, each equipped with unique combat abilities. Players are tasked with descending upon a near-future sci-fi battlefield, engaging in thrilling shooting battles set amidst diverse and engaging terrain structures that require strategic thinking.

With a choice of heroes, spanning assault and support roles, players can showcase their skills and create memorable moments in the game. The battles are fast-paced and filled with excitement, featuring a wide range of high-speed firearms that elevate the battle royale experience.

To access the game, players can download it on both Android and iOS platforms. For Android users, the .apk file can be obtained directly from the official website or through the download link below. iOS users can find the game on the App Store. To sign in and play, players will need WeChat or QQ accounts.

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