Heaven Burns Red

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Download Heaven Burns Red, one of the most beautiful RPG gachas games. Developed by Wright Flyer Studios, Heaven Burns Red is now available for pre-download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Heaven Burns Red is a gacha game with RPG mechanics. It’s also a visual novel. The art style uses the traditional game idol-like model approach with their characters. There are a nice story with some drama, interesting characters, nice fighting mechanics (even with the auto mode).

This a story about a mysterious life form which came to the earth and take control of it and the people. Earth was abandoned and many nations were vanished. Now, our planet is under alien control. But there is hope, a new weapon is in development, this weapon is called “Seraph”. But only a selected group of people can use it. An only girls group.

This is an RPG. We have to collect characters using the gacha mechanics. After we got the units we want we have to build up a team and level it up fighting against monsters. There is a auto mode in the game so we can farm easily.

The story is told in a visual novel style, the art of the game is superb. The model and animation are top notch and very nice to see. It could be better in the RPG part, but the production values are overall really high.

Heaven Burns Red needs Android OS 7.1 with 4GB RAM. Heaven Burns Red is available on the japanese Apple Store and Play Store. You may need a VPN if you want to play it overseas.

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