Gundam: Poetry of Steel

Gundam: Poetry of Steel Overview

The Gundam-based mobile game, Gundam: Poetry of Steel (鋼彈鋼鐵之詩) is the next Gundam game from Bandai Namco Entertainment (Shanghai), it was revealed on ChinaJoy 2023 and is set to launch in China in 2023.

In this game, players assume the role of a commander leading their elite squad of mobile suits. They must skillfully combine the unique strengths of their units with clever tactics and strategies to overwhelm their opponents while minimizing losses. The game’s complex AI system ensures challenging and dynamic gameplay, catering to both single-player and multi-player battles for a comprehensive experience.

A striking feature of Gundam: Poetry of Steel is its full 3D rendering, setting it apart from many other G-Generation or SD Gundam strategy games that rely on a mix of 2D visuals and occasional 3D models during action sequences. Moreover, players can indulge in a model inspection mechanic, allowing them to examine each mobile suit in intricate detail, appreciating the craftsmanship of their chassis and more.

The game offers an impressive collection of storylines from various Gundam series, enabling players to relive iconic moments of each character’s journey. From the protagonists’ awakening to piloting a Gundam, to the harsh realities of war and the intense clashes they endure, players can immerse themselves in these pivotal moments.

To add an extra layer of authenticity, the developers enlisted the original voice actors from the respective series to re-record their iconic lines for the action sequences, further enhancing the game’s immersive experience. Gundam: Poetry of Steel promises to be a thrilling and engaging mobile game, delivering an unforgettable Gundam adventure for fans and strategy enthusiasts alike. With this and Gundam G Generation for JP, we have 2 Gundam game coming soon.

We don’t have a release date yet but the game seems to be ready soon. Will be available on Android and iOS. Only for Asia, for now. You can pre-register at the website below.

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Gundam: Poetry of Steel Announced

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  • China
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