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Grifford Academy is an upcoming turn based RPG game from the Singapore-based developer LandShark Games. The game looks heavily inspired in some “wizardy games”, maybe some Harry Potter, among others. But the game description give us nice vibes about the game.

In this heartwarming and empowering coming-of-age RPG, explore the young minds of a group of ragtag friends as they uncover magic, mayhem, monsters, and find themselves along the way. Join Erika, Viva, and Cap as they fall into the mystical book of Caldria and explore the dynamic and vibrant world around them.

Have a hand in how the character’s personalities change and evolve as the game progresses. Will Erika become a better leader by listening to her friends? Will Viva be able to transform from someone full of self-doubt to self-confidence? Will Cap be able to muster up the courage to stay in Caldria and help Erika find her missing brother? And will these three high school misfits become confident in who they are and be able to work together as a team?

How the characters defeat the vicious monsters, and the decisions you make about the personality flaws they possess, play a critical role as to who the characters become.

With plenty of strategic depth and striking visuals, Grifford Academy is an uplifting adventure about feeling lost, the impact and importance of friendship, and the powerful journey to self-empowerment and self-discovery.

Grifford Academy will be available for Android, iOS, Steam, etc. We don’t have a date yet, but it could be later this year. Turn based RPG games are always welcomed.

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