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Mar 7, 2024
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Gold Bank is an exciting 2D shooter that combines sharp shooting skills with clever puzzle challenges. Step into the role of a cunning bandit determined to loot New York’s legendary gold bank and face the dangers that await you around every corner.

As you enter the imposing gates of the Gold Bank, you find yourself immersed in a realistic world, full of detail and deadly obstacles. From the tranquil entrance, with its comfortable chairs and lush plants, to the winding corridors filled with security cameras and lethal lasers, each environment is meticulously designed to challenge your skills and test your mettle.

The game takes place in six challenging scenarios, each more dangerous than the last. Starting at the Bank Entrance, you’ll need to use your sharp reflexes and shooting accuracy to neutralize the security guards and make your way to the bank’s final vault. But be careful: every move counts, and a mistake can be costly.

As you progress, you’ll encounter increasingly complex obstacles, such as the Computer Room, where you’ll have to hack security systems in order to proceed. The Corridor of Death is a true test of agility and strategy, with deadly lasers ready to eliminate careless intruders.

But the real challenge awaits in the depths of the bank, in the Cash Vault and Gold Vault Undergrounds. Here, you will face elaborate puzzles and treacherous traps as you approach your final goal. With each step, the tension builds, and only the most skillful and cunning will survive.

In the Final Vault, you will confront the powerful bank boss, a formidable adversary determined to protect the fortune at all costs. In this epic showdown, your shooting skills and ability to think fast will be put to the test like never before.



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