Girls Creation

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Girls Creation is a new strategy RPG game from DMM Games and the Creative Team Kumasan. This marks the fourth addition to Creative Team Kumasan’s portfolio, following their previous creations such as “Monster Musume TD,” “Mist Train Girls,” “Flower Knight Girl,” and more.

The game is best described as a turn-based strategy simulation RPG, set in a world inhabited by artists, each endowed with distinct personalities and powers inspired by the images they craft. Players assume the role of the newly appointed director of the Mugen Museum, a historic art gallery tragically ravaged in the city of Athens. Your mission is to orchestrate the museum’s resurrection from the ground up.

While the developers have not yet disclosed the specific platforms for the release of Girls Creation, their track record suggests it will likely be accessible via web browsers for both PC and mobile devices.

Basically, the goal of the stage is to defeat the bosses that appear while proceeding to the back so as not to get caught up in the collapse of the square. There is also a super special move element called “Zetsu”. If you take a ball that has fallen on the map, the gauge will accumulate, and it will be activated by consuming it. The tempo of flashy animation is good and it feels good.

Battle is based on a simulation RPG. It is a rare type that moves and passes over the enemy to launch a normal attack. There is one element that becomes the point of battle. The square in the lower left of the field collapses, and a new square appears in the upper right. If the character is on the falling square, it will fall as it is, so it is a game where you go deeper and deeper and defeat the enemy.

There are not release date yet.

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