Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG

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Download Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG, a vertical-screen strategy game that combines card accumulation in a fantasy world. EskyfunUSA has announced the launch of Girls’ Connect in selected SEA countries. Players from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia can now download the game from your local App or Play Store.

As a mercenary unit commander, your mission is to gather a beautiful but also extremely skilled Waifu to accompany you on your journey to eradicate evil. The focus of the game will definitely be on the female anime audience who are passionate about national colors, perhaps you will focus on gacha rather than on quests.

Each object in Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG is extremely easy on the eyes, each with their own impression and possessing extremely powerful fancy skills. The game offers more than 70 different faces, divided into many characters for players to easily learn. You can also interact with your Waifu by giving them different gifts to increase their friendliness.

Tactics in the game will be enhanced when the objects will carry in them the properties that can oppose each other including: water, fire, wind, light and darkness. Plus there is a skill set of many types with billions of effects such as burning, poisoning, freezing, stun, curse, etc.

Above all, the way to play the vertical screen will make it convenient for gamers to operate with one hand from building squads, leveling up objects, etc. to participating in activities or receiving rewards. The game includes various object system with more than 70 different pretty girls. Each object is extremely easy to see and has its own skill system. Players can interact with objects. Tactical gameplay with familiar turn-based combat mode and a vertical screen interface for convenient and easy operation.

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