Ghost Master: Survival

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Ghost Master: Survival is an asian RPG game from Hangzhou Multi-Goods and Pisces Game for the international edition. As many of these games, we don’t know so much now, but it looks really interesting to see.

Step into the shoes of a celestial master, skilled in the art of demon-taming, and a shaman with expertise in devil-slaying. The game’s backdrop is set in the early 20th century, a time of raging wars and emerging tormented souls. A demon-taming master has taken measures to reinforce a seal on a thousand-year-old devil king to prevent his release. However, an unwittingly awakened vengeful ghost princess, possessing immense power, poses a new threat. To protect innocent lives, the master must gather formidable allies to wage the ultimate war against the evil ghost princess.

As the player, you will wield the power of Taoist magic, leading your forces in the battle against evil. Engaging in meticulously crafted combat, you’ll explore various event dungeons that present unique challenges. Confronting evil vampires, each with different abilities, will be a tough task. Fortunately, classic devil-slaying artifacts like the Peach Wood Sword, Purple Rice, Spirit Calling Bell, and Cinnabar will be at your disposal, allowing you to achieve different effects as you see fit.

The game offers an array of interactive modes, including Master and Apprentice, Sworn Brothers, Loyal Lovers, and Marriage of Heirs. Although details about these modes remain scarce, their names promise an immersive experience steeped in Asian folklore. Furthermore, pre-registration rewards await players to celebrate various milestones.

Ghost Master: Survival is currently open for pre-registration on Android devices through the Google Play Store and on iOS devices through the App Store. The eagerly anticipated global release is expected to take place in mid-2023.

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