Gensou Eclipse (東方幻想エクリプス)

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Gensou Eclipse (東方幻想エクリプス) is an upcoming game set in the enchanting world of the beloved fantasy series Touhou Project, inspired by the original narrative crafted by Shanghai Alice Genrakudan. The creative minds behind this game, including the renowned developer of shooting games like the Angry Head Bee series, Mushihime-sama, Death Smiles, and Gothic is a Magical Maiden, are set to deliver an exciting new experience.

The story takes a captivating twist as it revolves around the “girls” who are determined to confront a massive catastrophe that has befallen “Gensokyo.” This mystical realm serves as a gathering place for forgotten individuals, and the girls are on a mission to unravel the mysteries behind this disaster. Each character embarks on their own journey, narrated with full voice acting during the resolution of the unfolding events. The game introduces a unique system that allows for character interactions and conversations during intense shooting sequences, enhancing the overall dramatic experience.

Touhou Gensou Eclipse promises to deliver an intricate character-driven storyline, exploring the fresh disaster that threatens Gensokyo from each character’s unique perspective. The game offers an accessible shooting experience with break attacks that can obliterate intricate barrages, along with a skill acquisition system that enables players to customize their favorite character’s abilities.

Pre-registration is now open for Touhou Gensou Eclipse, a horizontal, free-to-play smartphone STG. After being announced years ago, this highly anticipated game, developed by danmaku veterans Cave, is finally scheduled for release in Japan on November 22.

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