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Download Gardenscapes for your mobile phone. One of the most popular puzzle and resource management game avaliable today. Gardenscapes mixes two genres, puzzles and management. Like a mix between Candy Crush and The Simpsons.

In this game we have to work in our virtual home, a mansion. We have to improve it to its best condition and look. We will start in the garden where our butler will tell us what objects we need to restore and how to achieve them to achieve such a goal.

And it is here where the mechanics of the game shines. The game takes us to a screen where we see many colorful items wich we have to match making combinations between them, as in Candy Crush. This will give us stars and other prizes with which we can buy new items to decorate our garden. Also is mandatory in order to complete the missions given by the butler and continue to progress in the story.

Gardenscapes has history and it’s a pretty interesting one. It what differences this game from others in the same genre, we have the need to progress in all phases to be able to advance with the adventure and its narrative. In that sense, is very well achieved. The levels are increasing in difficulty and will become more and more demanding. As we progress, more characters, neighbors, challenges, pets, and more appear. At all times we will try to improve our home, as we expand it and discover new areas.

The puzzles are very good, they are more and more difficult and present new challenges. You will find many areas where you must get creative. We will get items that help us like dynamite, bombs, etc. The music is very suitable for the game, very relaxing and nice for when you want to play a quick game. They’re soft melodies that go pretty well. A title that fits well into the genre of casual phone games.

The game looks great, the modeling of the areas of the gardens and mansions are very attractive and fun. Likewise, the animations of the puzzle sections are very well achieved and use a rather relaxing and beautiful color palette. We will see them very often as our butler discovers new areas or finds a myriad of problems to solve in each part of the mansion.

Since Gardenscapes is a free game, you have in-app purchases. As the levels become increasingly difficult you can choose between paying so you don’t have to wait so long between the vigor tops to be able to play. You can also buy some aids. This is one of the problems, if you are very impatient, it may seem that the times to recharge for free are too long and could affect your perception about the game.

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