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Flying Tank seems to be a really nice and fun game. It really does. This is a new arcade side scrolling action game for Android and PC. Devs announced that Flying Tank will be available on Christmas.

Get ready to climb into your Flying Tank and unleash a barrage of shots reminiscent of the classic gaming era! In this action-packed side-scrolling shoot ’em up, engage in a thrilling adventure to reclaim the stolen Earth.

In Flying Tank players can embark on 24 challenging missions, each filled with three distinct factions and unique adversaries. Battle your way through encounters with 6 main bosses and over 18 midi and mini boss fights, adding layers of excitement to your journey.

One nice option is that players can customize their Flying Tank (FLT) with an arsenal of Weapons and Bombs, ranging from classic to downright insane. Take control with powerful Specials, including Bullet-Time and Overdrive, and deploy attack and repair Drones, along with over 30 other Upgrades.

Experience the nostalgia of classic gaming while enjoying the modern twists and challenges of this richly crafted side-scrolling shmup. It’s time to shoot ’em up and reclaim the Earth with your formidable Flying Tank.

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