Five Stars Horizon of Memory

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Five Stars Horizon of Memory is a NFT RPG Mobile game from Sky People. You can download it from here. This is a gacha game that offers high-quality graphics and a nice gameplay. Gacha, NFT and RPG, a really interesting combination.

This game has a deep fantasy story, colorful and detailed illustration-based graphics, PVP content, Clan Raids that emphasize cooperation . But the strong point of the game is the ability to create and register your own NFT wallets to convert in-game items and characters to NFTs and trade them.

Five Stars Horizon of Memory  also has a feature called “Stardust” which can be converted to “Star Token” and “Mineral Token” which can be traded on the blockchain exchange.

But remember this is a gacha game where you assemble a team of heroes together in a team and use their powers to battle against your enemies. It revolves around a single-player storyline. Players have to fork their hero’s squad train them and prepare them for your upcoming battles.

The game could be a little hard in terms of gacha. In addition it is a NFT so, we can expect a lot of difficulty. But players can try and discover if it could be good. Free on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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