Fish Island Revive (フィッシュアイランド リヴァイブ)

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Dive into the thrill of fishing with just a touch in Fish Island Revive (フィッシュアイランド リヴァイブ), available only in JPN. This engaging mobile game combines the serenity of fishing with the excitement of an action-packed RPG.

The game has attractive Skills and Realistic 3D Graphics. Players can experience the unique tension and skills that define fishing games. Immerse yourself in stunning 3D rendering that captures the realism of the aquatic world. You are the main character, enjoying the exhilaration of fishing.

Enjoy fishing anytime, anywhere with a simple touch. This game harmoniously blends rhythm, action, and casual gameplay. Players can create and customize their very own aquarium. Choose from various locations like the Pacific, Atlantic, India, Antarctica, and the Arctic Ocean. Encounter a wide array of marine life, each with its own unique charm. Meet attractive spirits that accompany your journey and aid in your growth.

Explore beyond fishing with exciting RPG elements. Engage in PvP, raids, dungeons, battles with epic bosses, and more. Satisfy your RPG cravings with thrilling content. Fish Island Revive offers endless fishing fun and is available for free download. Note that while the game is free to play, there are some in-app items available for purchase.

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