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FireFront Mobile FPS is a new action shooter game developed by Blayze Games. After a prolonged period of development, glimpses of the gameplay footage emerged in early 2022, offering a sneak peek into the game’s mechanics. The initial previews unveiled by the developers unmistakably reveal a notable resemblance to the renowned action title, Call of Duty Mobile.

The development team has been diligent in providing consistent updates on the game’s progress, effectively stoking the ongoing excitement. A host of thrilling features awaits, including expansive maps, destructible structures, an overhauled weapon skin system, and top-tier graphics that pledge an immersive visual journey.

Alpha testing recruitment appears to be channeled through the game’s Discord server. While the tests are anticipated to be accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, the confirmation is still pending. Although the exact commencement date for the testing phase remains veiled, stay tuned to this space for updates as we will promptly share the testing schedule. If you meet the criteria, it’s a fantastic opportunity to delve into another promising action-packed title.

As of now, an official release date for FireFront Mobile FPS remains undisclosed, given the ongoing alpha test phase. This suggests that it will take a while before the game sees a full-fledged launch, which will likely be preceded by pre-registrations.

Following its worldwide launch, FireFront Mobile FPS will be accessible for free download on both Android and IOS devices.

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