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Character collecting RPG, FANTASY QUEST: ERRAND SAGA!
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Jul 4, 2024
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FantasyQuest: ErrandSaga is an immersive character-collecting RPG that invites players into a captivating world filled with thrilling adventures, strategic battles, and a diverse roster of mercenaries. Set in the enchanting continent of Mirgard, this mobile game challenges players to embark on epic quests, solve intricate mysteries, and save the city from demonic threats.

The Story Behind the Commission

In “FantasyQuest: ErrandSaga,” you step into the shoes of a mercenary leader working for the renowned agency ‘Nina’s Errand.’ Your main objective is to rescue Bin, who has fallen under the sinister spell of the demon Basilisk. As you navigate through this fantastical world, you’ll uncover clues about the mysterious “Soul Eyes,” the key to breaking Bin’s brainwashing.

Performing the ‘Nina’s Errand’ Commission

Your journey is defined by a series of diverse and engaging quests. From battling fierce demons to solving puzzles, every assignment you undertake will bring you closer to your ultimate goal. The game encourages you to explore various missions and events, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving gameplay experience.

Assemble Your Own Mercenary Squad

Collect, train, and bond with a unique cast of around 50 mercenaries, each with their own special abilities and backstories. Building strong relationships with your squad is as crucial as honing their combat skills. This dual focus on training and socializing adds depth to character development and enriches the overall gaming experience.

Brain-Teasing Strategy Elements

Strategic gameplay is at the heart of “FantasyQuest: ErrandSaga.” Assemble your deck with careful consideration of each mercenary’s class and attributes. The game features a 3×3 tile layout that constantly engages players with passive abilities, requiring thoughtful planning and tactical prowess.

Spectacular Combat Experience

Prepare for visually stunning battles that are a treat for both the eyes and ears. With impressive skill effects and vibrant background music and sound effects, every fight feels exhilarating and immersive. “FantasyQuest: ErrandSaga” brings your combat encounters to life, making every victory rewarding.

Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of “FantasyQuest: ErrandSaga,” where adventure, strategy, and camaraderie await!



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