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One of the most famous Farm games available for free on your Android phone. Family Farm Seaside is an excellent farm game. A rather peculiar genre, reminiscent of the Haverst Moon eras, and which has found a fairly active niche in mobile phones.

What is a farm game?, it is basically one where we must maintain the business of a farm through plant cultivation, animal care, food processing and so on. It sounds like a tedious and somewhat tired task, but the level of addiction and entertainment that makes us see how our small farm evolves into a fairly profitable fund is incredible.

In that scenario Family Farm Seaside use all these components quite well. For starters, it has a remarkable graphic style and gameplay. The artistic design of the buildings, stages, plants, animals and other elements makes the game very attractive and eye-catching, cute to call it in a simpler way. Animations are well-achieved and new things are kept adding constantly. So with each update we have new things to do.

At the playable level, it is no different from other titles, we must start a plantation and wait for it to finish in a period of time that differs depending on the type of flora we use. Profits are rising and varying as we discover or unlock new types of plants. The same with animals. There are more extensive mechanics when it comes to complex items, for example, to produce cheese we need milk, for milk a cow and so on. It’s a chain of need that keeps you quite interested with the game.

So we have to build different types of machines, building, etc. in order to improve our production and make our farm bigger. It’s a world with constant evolution and growing. So we have to dedicate some time. Family Farm Seaside exploits all this well, it’s a free game so it includes micro transactions that includes decorative elements or payments to speed up production if we’re not very patient. You can play the game without a fee, but if you want things be made faster, there are some things in the store which can help you.

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