Evil Prince and the Puppet

Evil Prince and the Puppet


Evil Prince and the Puppet (悪魔王子と操り人形) is the new game from Drecom. The game is expected to be launched in Japan next year 2023.

What do we know about the game?, well, this is a story about Dia, the prince who was favored as a member of the king’s family. However one day, Dia was awakened by a demon in a certain incident and destroyed the country he once loved. As time past, he was accompanied by 2 companions and had to consume people’s souls to survive.

“A gigantic castle with no human presence. Inside the throne that was supposed to support the king in the center of the castle, there was an unproportionate figure of a boy! Now the castle where the king and his servants have disappeared. Once upon a time he was the prince of this castle”

For now we can see our three main characters. Dia is originally a beloved prince of the “Koruchikamu” Kingdom (コルチカム), but for some reason, his kingdom fell and he was transformed into a devil. His outlook is a young boy who was trapped in the loneliness of eternity. Espada is the knight of Dia and vowed to stay loyal to the prince no matter what. Dia saved him from humans’ imprisonment and took care of him in the castle ever since. He is a demon but wields a sword instead of magic to fight.

And Fiori, who is a mysterious princess who came from a nearby country. She knows that Dia is a devil, but approaches him intentionally for some reason. She has a free spirit and does things only at her pace. She deceives the demons and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

There are some screenshots and it seems to be a visual novel game with heavy RPG and gacha elements. More news to come soon.

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Evil Prince and the Puppet: Announced

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