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Eversoul is korean RPG game. It is a collectible mobile game developed by Kakao Games, based on the post-apocalypse worldview and medieval fantasy. In Eversoul players can collect the character created with 3D animated graphics, natural and commune with them.

It is embodied with a romantic storytelling system based on the sympathy system taken from the dating sim, and a charming and beautiful territory management system that uses the SD character to make users feel deeper affection for the gathered spirits.

With an immersive mix of team-based tactical combat and anime-inspired visuals, Eversoul pushes the boundaries of what fans expect of this genre, both in gameplay and graphics. Players can customize their own elite fighting force, epic labyrinthine dungeons or PvP, while also building their own city and experimenting with Eversoul’s automatic gameplay elements.

In addition to the basic collectible game elements such as combat and fostering, users can experience the management game-style Job system using the collected spirits and a variety of in-game pleasure using the Dungeon of Roguelike that provides various cheats.

Eversoul is in Pre-Register stage, we can expect a Beta soon, but a global version may be a little far away. You can get more news in its website.


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